25–26 November 2017

Slow Culture

Slow Culture
Sustainable food, clothes, buildings, transport, urban environment surround us every day. Interaction with the product can influence health of people and life quality satisfaction.

Culture is the sofa that we sleep on, it is a toothbrush we use in the morning, it is a timetable at the bus stop, it is the bus itself.

Slow culture is about production of things, which influence everyday life of people in the North.

A dress, an interior, an illustration, a lamp, a park, a plate, a poster, a wagon - all these things are produced by designers. The time which is used for production can correlate with the quality of the things. What would we choose today: quality or quantity? Fast food, fast culture or the uniqueness of the place?
Saturday 25 November
The Merchant Yard, Northern Dvina bank 85/86
09:00 – 10:00
Registration of Participants
Finn Andersen, director of Danish Cultural Institute.
Andrey Shalyov, Norwegian Honorary Consulate.
Michele Renee Widerøe, Northern Norwegian Center of Design and Architecture, NODA.
Maxim Bomstein, general director of Tourist Complex Malye Karely.
Maria Skomorokhova, general director of event agency Pervaya Studia.
Ekaterina Sharova, curator of Arctic Art Forum.
Kristina Dryagina, curator of Arctic Art Forum.
Stock Exchange Hall.
Conference Design and Architecture: Changing Life Quality
Moderator — Nadezhda Ponomareva, entrepreneur, journalist, writer.
The first two sessions of the Conference are devoted to the role professional organizations play in their regions. What do members get out of collaboration? How is the work organized? What does it mean to be in a professional organization? What role do they play in economy of the region?

Stock Exchange Hall.
Session 1: Innovations in Nordic Design
Michele Renee Widerøe, Northern Norwegian Center of Design and Architecture, NODA.
Tor Åge Vorren, Norwegian Society of Graphic Designers, GRAFILL.
Bjørn Heggdal, Norwegian Industrial Designers, NID.
Coffee Break
1 floor.
11:45 – 13:00
Session 2: Innovations in Scandinavian Architecture and Urban Development
Terese Simonsen, Norwegian Association of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers, NIL.
Rakel Katrine Fredriksen, Norwegian Society of Landscape Architects, NLA.
Magnus Vågan, Norwegian Union of Architects, NAL.
13:00 – 14:00
Dinner/Networking Opportunities
1 floor.
Lecture: Design Thinking and Its Use in All Life Areas
Andrey Lublinsky, artist, designer.
Lecture Hall, 2 floor.
Session 3: Sustainable Development in the Cities and Beyond
Finn Andersen, director of Danish Culture Institute, DKI: The new embankment in Copenhagen.
Albina Motor, curator, producer, director of Institute of Street Art: Presentation of project Waterfront.
Dmitriy Pilikin, curator, artist: City as a text.
Anastasia Malafey, project leader at Evolve Arena, Oslo: Design toolbox for future smart societies.
Emil C. Luth, curator, enterpreneur: The kids will have their say. From the experience of artistic work with museums and own projects.
Ilya Kuzubov, Alexander Menukhov, Taibola Assemble: Land art = Landmark. Art which develops Northern territories.
Alexandra Yakovleva, Kenozersky National Park: Preservation of wooden architecture in the live Northern village. Challenges of today.
Nikolay Vymorkov, 42 Design Commune: Digital design solutions for tourist industry in the North.
Session 4: Sustainable Development in the Arctic
Salla-Mari Koistinen, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi: Learning about, in and with communities — socially-engaged art as part of Master's studies in Arctic Art and Design at the University of Lapland.
Natalia Shulakova, museum of Northern Arctic Federal University, NArFU: Privokzalny district in Arkhangelsk. The city on swamp.
Yulia Petrova, Russian Arctic National Park: Russian Arctic National Park. Collaboration Opportunities.
Coffee Break
1 floor.
Discussion: Is Arkhangelsk a City with Abandoned Meanings or an Awaken Potential?
Mikhail Treschev, City Administration of Arkhangelsk.
Maria Skomorokhova, editor of PLUS magazine.
Daniyar Yusupov, architect.
Michele Renee Widerøe, Northern Norwegian Center of Design and Architecture, NODA.
Vasily Larionov, director of Pomor Philarmonic.
Alexandra Yunitsyna, City Administration of Arkhangelsk.

Moderator — Tatiana Lefman, culturologist, lecturer at Northern Arctic Federal University, NArFU.
Creative economy and resilient cities: how relevant are these themes in the context of the North, where infrastructure requires development? Do we manage to understand the needs of the town well, or we just have to solve the challenges here and now, patching holes on the roads, in the economy, education, culture?
What experience of collaboration between different social groups and independent professionals could be useful? How creative professionals can take part in image making of the region and promotion of the local identity?

Stock Exchange Hall.
Opening of the exhibition The House of Light
Kristina Dryagina, curator of the exhibition.
Natalia Shpanova, director of Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore (Merchant Yard).
2 floor.
Soundsweaver Project
Sergey Zhigaltsov, sound, video.
Sergey Klykov, scenography, handicrafts.
Tim Dorofeev, guitar.
Ekaterina Zorina, vocal.
Konstantin Sedovin, vocal, flute.
Sergey Usyukevich, sound engineer.
Sofia Skornyakova, weaving machine.
Arina Kulakova, weaving machine.
Ticket costs 500‎ ₽. Reduced cost (250 ‎₽) with the Arctic Art Forum ticket.
Jazz Workshop, 1 floor.
Project 33 Artists
Local production party.
By Anastasia Vorontsova.
Karlz bar, Karl Liebknecht street, 14.
Sunday 26 November
Tourist Complex Malye Karely
14:00 – 18:00
House of Nordic Design
Michele Renee Widerøe, Northern Norwegian Center of Design and Architecture, NODA.
Tor Åge Vorren, Norwegian Society of Graphic Designers, GRAFILL.
Bjørn Heggdal, Norwegian Industrial Designers, NID.
Terese Simonsen, Norwegian Association of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers, NIL.
Rakel Katrine Fredriksen, Norwegian Society of Landscape Architects, NLA.
Magnus Vågan, Norwegian Union of Architects, NAL.

17:00 — Simon Barman-Jenssen: Backyard project by NODA.

Moderator — Elena Nechaeva.
Designers and architects will tell about their practice and current projects they are working with and how they solve the existing challenges.
14:00 – 18:00
Urbanist House
Albina Motor, curator, producer, director of Institute of Street Art: Art management in Russia: practical issues and solutions.
Ilya Davydov, designer, photographer, media artist: Media project: how to make a research about the city life for a mobile exhibition. Exampled by projects Waterfront, Do it (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art).
Dmitriy Pilikin, curator, artist: City as a text.

Moderator — Albina Motor.
14:00 – 18:00
Landscape Architecture House
Daniyar Yusupov and team, Vladislav Dreko, Rakel Fredriksen.

Moderators — Daniyar Yusupov, Vladislav Dreko.
Open workshop with Landscape design students in Northern Arctic Federal University.
14:00 – 18:00
House of Art for Life
Emil C. Luth, curator, enterpreneur: Creating from within through innovative partnerships.
Irene Dominguez, co-founder of World Cultures United, WCU: Exploring possibilities with Alternative Economy - be creative with your resources. Permaculture design concept for individuals, collectives, for communities and small villages.

Moderator — Anastasia Malafey.
Malye Karely Restaurant.
Michele Renee Widerøe
Director of Northern Norwegian Design and Architecture Center, NODA
Dmitry Pilikin
Artist, curator, art critic.
Ilya Kuzubov
Producer, co-founder of Taibola Assemble.
Tor Åge Vorren
Art director/partner at Røst Kommunikasjon Representative of Norwegian Organization for Visual Communication, GRAFILL.
Nadezhda Ponomareva
Entrepreneur, journalist, writer.
Andrey Lyublinsky
Designer, artist, specialist in urban arts and contextual design.
Vlad Dreko
Urban activist, leader of the group Arkhangelsk. Architecture and city building.
Sergey Zhigaltsov
Director, media artist.
Bjørn Heggdal
Representative of Norwegian Industrial Designers, NID.
Yulia Petrova
Russian Arctic National Park.
Rakel Katrine Fredriksen
Landscape architect, Asplan Viak AS
Representative of Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects, NLA.
Maria Skomorokhova
General director of event agency Pervaya Studia.
Albina Motor
Producer, curator, director of Institute of Street Art.
Alexander Menukhov
Co-founder of Taibola Assemble, artist.
Emil Luth
Independent Curator and Enterpreneur.
Magnus Vågan
Architect at Steinsvik Arkitektkontor
Representative of National Association of Norwegian Architects, NAL.
Alexandra Yunitsyna
City Administration of Arkhangelsk.
Anastasia Malafey
Engineer, designer, project leader at EVOLVE ARENA, co-founder of World Cultures United, WCU.
Daniyar Yusupov
Architect, urban planner.
Mikhail Treschev
City Administration of Arkhangelsk.
Nick Vymorkov
Coordinator of 42 Design Commune.
Finn Andersen
Director of Danish Culture Insitute in St. Petersburg.
Tim Dorofeev
Musician, director of production company Arkahngelsk Jazz.
Terese Simonsen
Norwegian Association of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers, NIL.
Salla-Mari Koistinen
Designer, researcher, PhD Candidate at University of Lapland.
Simon Barman-Jenssen
Representative of Northern Norwegian Design and Architecture Center, NODA.
Andrey Anisimov
Consultant in Danish Culture Institute in St. Petersburg.
Ilya Davydov
Designer, photographer, media artist.
Irene Dominguez
Co-founder of World Cultures United, WCU.
Natalia Shulakova
Director of museum at Northern Arctic Federal University, NArFU.
aRCTIC aRT fORUM — 2016
Arctic Art Forum is a territory for an interdisciplinary dialogue between art and culture workers, where people-to-people collaboration, grassroots involvement and openness are key factors for the interaction. The theme of the forum is Embodied Knowledge.

We challenge the understanding of what the capital is, what the contemporary is and what the professional is. We rediscover the unique cultural potential of the capital of the Russian North, which can give new ideas and empower local people. There were no any art academies in the region, but it is still the place where the heritage of Russian folk culture dating back to XI–XIII centuries could be found, as well as Nenets, Komi and other local cultures.

The forum is made for people, by people and is about the people. It is about the creative presence of the human in the Arctic Russia. It is also about mutual responsibility, dialogue and peace.
Open Call
Design and Architecture
Arctic Art Forum starts an open call to encourage creative professionals from the Northern Russia to be involved in an international market and meet their potential partners in Norway.

Design is one of the most important aspects of any business, and most professionals have spent a fair share of time creating effective and user-oriented projects for clients. Design and Architecture Project Open Call erupted as a prestigious contest that discovers innovative ideas from the Northern Russia.

The team of Russian and Norwegian professionals aims to discover a design and architecture project and provide an opportunity to present the project in spring 2018 in Tromso, Norway.

The winner receives professional and financial support.
About project
The open call requires projects:

  • To be innovative;
  • To use sustainable technology;
  • To be user-oriented;
  • To have a commercial poterntial;
  • To take place in the Northern Russia including Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions, Karelia republic and Nenets Autonomous okrug.
    Application consists of:

    • A project description (max 2 pages A4);
    • A portfolio of the team members;
    • CV of team members.
    Заявки отправлять по адресу: mail@arcticartinstitute.com.

    Send your applications to mail@arcticartinstitute.com.

    Deadline is 10 January 2018.

    We'll publish the selection results on 24 Jan.
    Ask your questions arcticartforum@gmail.com.
    25 November — Merchant Yard, Northern Dvina Bank, 85/86, Arkhangelsk
    26 November — Malye Karely village
    1 — House of Nordic Design. Conference Hall. 1 floor, 2 entrance, guest house 1.

    2 — Landscape Architecture House. 2 floor, 1 entrance, guest house 1.

    3 — Urban House. 1 floor, guest house 5.

    4 — House of Art for Life. 1 floor, guest house 4.


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    Video Arctic Art Forum 2017

    Maps of meaning
    23-25 november 2018
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